Understanding each Other about This should Be Zen.

The attempt is not torture And may work

After several failed attempts, I Tried to convince myself that I would never be happy To get married again

Then my article was born, And then I thought, why Not try to understand about Zen.

Every day a million people Come here from different parts Of Russia. In the comments to my Articles, many people write that They want to meet, but Do not know where. I suggest that those who Are looking for their love, Write to in the comments Section of this article, you'Ll find a brief introduction About yourself and who you'Re looking for. In addition, you can track The activities of people who Are interested in you, which should. Read the comments he left. I am years old, divorced And have a son. Thanks to nature, an active Person, easy on the rise, Always on any abscess. I travel fantastically and do Everything I can to make My dream come true.

Let's see how he'S doing with the others

I work remotely. What I'm looking for. A person with similar interests, Who is not a migrant, And is over years old.

good height, broad shoulders, active lifestyle.

Many people think that I Am not looking for a Rich man who will sit On my neck and hang From my leg.

I have always been financially Independent, apart from this decree.

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