Toyakutsk Sakha-Yakutia

New in this context are galleries, theaters, And museums

This is the largest city in Yakutsk, With permafrost throughout its territoryIt is also believed that the Republic Will turn into a Sakha-like Yakutia. Due to severe climatic conditions, the population Is also increasing by more than million people. Located on the Lena river, it is The center of cultural life, which supports The life of the city, despite the Average annual temperature of about - °C. On the site of a prison built In the XVII century, the word"modern Family"entered the name of the Yakuts. The city as an"agglomeration", which then Acquired the growth of the beginning of The settlement.

Actively participating in the development of the Village, in the XX century the first Power plant was founded, which began to Count the works converted from Christmas and Easter.

The midnight sun is not only beautiful, But also in summer, and in winter The daytime hours are about hours shorter.

The terrain is flat, so it is Very easy to move around and enjoy Such walks and Cycling to stay in The area.

In this city center is the famous Sakha theater, namely Ordzhonikidze square, where all Employees strive to make the tourist the Center of attention. In this city center is the famous Sasha theater, which has an exquisite architecture That allows you to enjoy without problems And buy tickets to theater performances in The box. In the immediate vicinity there are Opera And ballet theaters, Russian theaters. Anywhere in the world, the city is Short and the best time to choose Is from walking to.

In addition, the circus is the largest In the city

Since we talked about museums, the most Interesting of them is the"mammoth Museum", Where you can see the bones of Prehistoric animals and take a guided tour.

This activity took place here until ancient Times, where there were also favorable conditions For the discovery of many giant bones.

By the way, in the Republican zoo You can see the wild land inhabited By animals. You can relax and spend time in Yakutia not only during, but also in Many night clubs, discos, bars, karaoke bars Where you can dance and sing.

Souvegas clubs offer a selection of music And retro clubs, and there is a Large dance floor in the bar where You can also enjoy a variety of drinks.

You can also recommend galactic night clubs Clubs, fun contests in a relaxed atmosphere, Free drinks as prizes. Everyone is invited: the results of the City visit are summed up. The Mozart Club on the top floor Offers a whole range of evening entertainment: Billiards, karaoke, dancing, an interesting cocktail menu, Hookah bar, etc. But if you want - in Dzerzhinsk in The restaurant"Phoenix Club", when the doors Open after dinner. Working hours: up to.

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