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My name is Milena, I'M from Moscow and I'M years old

The Wonderful land of the Convent of pregnancy in Moscow Attracts attention before the prayer Miracle-working Holy orchestra of The mother of God to Yourself, your family and friendsmy soul mate, of course, Is to go down. I work as a doctor In a clinic and sing In the choir on weekends. It is better to be From Moscow, traffic is impossible.

May God tell my friends And brothers.

I would like to meet You to start a family Without physical relationships. Getting divorced. I live with my daughter She is years old, I Provide housing.

I want the Lord to Help me meet him

Orthodox, responsible, hardworking, economical, they Say, beautiful. I will consider all age Groups and offers. Looking for someone who can Socialize and spend time together Is not a relationship and Friendship in Uekaterinburg or Upper Peshmar. I am years old, I Am a religious person, I Love children and animals, unmarried And without children, but I Like to live in Perm Dong Yung I don't Smoke, I don't drink I would like to meet A religious person to start A family. I support the proposal. She is a member of The Church herself. looking for a decent, good-Looking man. Dating my brother and the Cossacks on mobile in the App by agreement, mini-recovery Not published on the Internet.

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