Settled marriage: what to ask the girl at the first meeting

I will ask your name, Hobbies, favorite cuisine, etc

Getting married is a funny feeling, but those feelings multiply when you have to Dating a girl who has the prospect of getting marriedThis is a difficult task, but it is better to know what every man should ask the girl, and what not. Well, the last thing we want is for a stranger to laugh at your questions (or worse, get beaten up for being inappropriate). So, here are some questions that boys should ask to meet the best girl before the wedding. The promotional picture is courtesy of Namaste London Always remember that the girl, like you, may be nervous about this meeting. Therefore, it is best to start with questions that are of a General nature and can help break the ice.

She will feel good about this game

If you feel that the girl is shy, start a conversation about yourself and then bring her to class. This way, you will get an idea of what kind of person she is. Recommended reading ad: Sweet and honest promises that every man should make to his future wife. Interesting from the purpose of Career and Education Ad a girl who feels comfortable knowing that her future partner is interested in her career. Instead of talking about your career goals and work, you don't take the time to ask her about her plans for the future.

Let her know that you are interested in her goals for the future, in terms of her education and career.

Must read: Things to ask yourself before making a decision about getting married Ad of a girl I would like to see every time a man asks her about her views on marriage and her expectations of marriage. So when I first meet a girl, I ask her to accept the institution of marriage. This is an important question because it will help you understand her best thought process.

advertising image is kindly provided: Dilwale Dhania Le Avengeable Is a great question for a first meeting, but it will certainly dispel some of your doubts.

This will help you understand if she has financial obligations to you. the tasks that she, like you, wants to fulfill after the wedding.

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Ask them to announce their lifestyle to discover their social life, favorite activities, and other interests. This way, you can find out if she is extroverted or introverted. These little details can actually help decipher whether she is the"type"of girl or not.

Don't overdo it with a lot of questions, because she is not the candidate you are interviewing for your wife's position.

You are looking for a life partner who is compatible with you and your family.

This question is not very important, but sometimes it becomes very relevant.

If your family is traditional or conservative, and a girl likes Western clothes, it may be a little difficult for her and her family to come to terms with it.

But be open-minded, because you or the girl can compromise. Also read: How choose the perfect traditional Indian perfect dress according to your body type and the best way to win this war is to equip yourself in advance. So, here is a list of questions that our women readers have described as disastrous for the first meeting. So, people, learn.

Are you a virgin?"How many friends did you have? (Which is definitely not next, so leave your mother.) What's your blood type?"(Look for a wife or bone marrow transplant.

How many Facebook friends do you have (She definitely won't add that"Yes", I think she will.) Also read: Social media doesn't try to force everyone you're going to marry to follow the pattern that you've been kindly given: the phase where you have a monthly cycle. (Ready to be thrown out. As many children as you want. (Remember, she hasn't said Yes yet.) How much you earn and how much money your parents have invested in your name. (Sorry, I'm an official income tax witness.) Take a bath every day. (Eh.)Suggested reading: Ts all couples should add to their reports if they want to make the advertising picture permanent through friendly concessions: Ayana's marriage Proposal can be a great success if approached delicately, which includes the first meeting and related issues. Well-structured questions can turn the entire wedding scene into a walk in the Park. Making a Dating site to marry someone you've just met is literally a bold move. A person doesn't know much about it, but thinking about spending the rest of your life with them just because your parents think it's the right choice for you is not an easy task. We need to confirm your email address. Please click on the verification link that we just sent You. We need to confirm your email address. Please click on the verification link that we just sent You.

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