Rendezvous With Smolensk Molenskaya oblast

a pleasant experience with a Variety of outdoor activities

Smolensk is the administrative, cultural, And industrial center of Western RussiaIt is of great economic Importance and plays an important Role in the development of The Western part of the country. At the same time, the City has a great historical Value, as it is one Of the oldest formations in Russia, first mentioned in history In the middle of the Ninth century. In addition, it is not Necessary to write down the Great importance that Smolensk played During the great Patriotic war, Which was a heroic city. The defender of the city And fortress city the terms Shield, key, etc. Was also often used was Considered at all times, as It was the first point Of resistance on the path Of Moscow, both in the Middle ages and in the More modern era.

It should be noted that The city has a favorable Commercial location, as it is Located on the route of The main railway and automobile Highways from Europe to Moscow.

It is especially interesting here On weekends and holidays

Moreover, already there has long Been a trend that most Of the city's capital Consists of revenue from trade.

Smolensk can rightly be called An important logistics center of The country. The most popular version of The name of the place Of origin is based on The fact that the first Settlement was built here, on The Smolnaya river, which, in Turn, and this name, because It flows on the black Earth of this place. According to another version, the First production of tar was Organized here, and according to The third version, there was Also tar on boats drifting Along the Dnieper. There are many places of Cultural and recreational recreation in Smolensk. Gourmets and connoisseurs of high Technology recommend visiting the local Philharmonic hall and theater. Also interesting is the children'S puppet theater, which is Unique and has no similarity With the whole of Europe.

The city's newest cinema, The Mirage cinema, has more Than, seats and exhibition halls.

Local residents and tourists are Invited to take part in A walk through Lopatinsky Park, Which is comfortable and very comfortable. Green areas, benches, fountains such As monuments and monuments are Especially good here in summer And autumn. The most famous religious monuments Are the Vennechensky courtyard, the Church of St. George and others. To get acquainted with friendly Words, you can go To The Palace of culture of Railway workers, where many events Are held during the day For citizens of various categories. In Smolensk, the night entertainment Industry is developed, there are Night bars, restaurants, discos where You can meet and spend Time in a noisy company Or in a secluded place. In the new Hollywood club, Where visitors will find a Dance floor with a variety Of music, as well as Billiard and hookah rooms. good, because it hosts concerts With famous artists, and you Can also have a good Break for themed parties where You can satisfy your interests. The coffee bar is decorated In a traditional style Cuban Havana and always offers visitors To meet with the atmosphere Of sun, joy, carelessness. Of course, these are not All places where you can Relax, there are many people In Smolensk who are your Choice.

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