Reminder for those traveling to the Philippines Is about me

I understand them, very relaxed and happy place

The beach is a little ways away, so no local, except those who work in the three hotels (which, incidentally, all belong to a single Philippine family), it is not

But nothing, and I do not want.

There we met a couple that just like us, came for a few days, but hung in Puraran already in two weeks.

Photo from Manila, where we spent the day on the way back

During our stay, periodically it was raining and at one point over the ocean is a spectacular picture of a sun rain rainbow.

Filipinos in early November, is already preparing for the New Year, everywhere are TREES. Writing the report in that moment, when we sit down in Doha. I hope it will be useful as already bought tickets to the country and just thought, where else to go. Good luck to all the travelers.

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