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Yes, my dear, the thing comes to a head

vigorously attacks its dark passion, completely forgetting about contraception, and nods in response to all the hints are about the meet the parents and wedding party

But about all under the order.

As you remember, the situation was getting more depressing is devoted to his next love, I rushed from club to club, Mall to Mall, not even talking to anyone, and post apocalyptic pictures online. That many beauties before the New year snapped up, of course, fact. With the remaining did not want to start a dialogue, so as not to hear another set of stupid phrases about the hard fate, family Isine requiring immediate financial assistance. I guess at this fresh photo. No, let's say, a person who is a priori owe money to other participants of the composition: if you just give fifteen thousand and take home, the blog would be nothing to write about, and sex - will be useless - secretly lazy completely. In the club, she pressed provocatively mimicking a sex act, then you is likely to expect vaginal sex alot, and complaints of"why do you take so long to cum". ” and then decided to buy a lottery ticket - signed up for one of the Filipino Dating sites, and went for a hot correspondence, the benefit of the English residents of the Islands on the level. You can guess what I'm getting at.

In the words of one of my friends, “Filipina - they are not ogress, as secretly, at least they are in Christ believe.” Counting the cost the content of the secret and the solution to her numerous problems (sorry, another trait I did not come across), and comparing with the cost of the ticket for loving Filipina, I decided, was not was, and allocated on a one-way ticket.

Here it is, my Jane is Daring me. A little worried, because the forums are full of stories of Filipinos did not let their guards after questioning where and for what purpose flies. We talked via video link, and I thought she was cute, but to be sure difficult. When I saw her release. It turned out that she lives in Pattaya some relation, and Jane asked me to take her. And I have something I'm happy - cute girl with a mind, a pleasant voice, hugging her gently. Relative lives in a good domain at the shoreline, drove back and parted until the evening.

After a few Beers it took, but it paid, when we moved into my bedroom.

She immediately took off all her clothes and asked for a towel. Honestly, I thought that after my strong the stick is not restored, so deeply embedded splinter of sadness in my heart. The best that I have had for the last six months.

She came over and over again, and I with horror have understood, that now will not be able to continue with amebic secret.

First raised his eyes to heaven - “Help

This is not a change for the better after I was sick of their women, and now I just can't pull passive ladies. I lost count of how many times it was all night and morning, and during the dream, she tightly hugged me and snuggled up to me. Oh, and she eats human food the morning type of oatmeal or fried eggs, and doesn't look at me like I was an alien. This is the fourth day we go to the movies, sunbathe on the beach, etc etc I understand that it is the same tourist, as I did, and even if we could find her a job - all this will only be temporary, and eventually we will find ourselves in dead-end or the Philippines, or suicidal States. Thai wife I need, and what to do now - I'll never know. I think that secret - your destiny. And, obviously, less painful to 'knife in the back'(God forbid) from Thai wives than from the Russian). one well, Home, when, that, too, will fly forward. you ticket will pay forward for FILA or service from you. But with Russian girls, absolutely no way. Because a lot of tourists, and especially from Russia can arrive to a young athletic guy living in Paradise and driving a motorcycle, and for its own account.

Unfortunately, Yes, with Russian girls at all in any way.

Devoting to them some sixteen years of his life, came to the persistent feeling that it's not mine.

one, well, Filipina - wow.

Especially in the first photo. You must write the continuation of this adventure).

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