meet Men with Serious relationships In Dushanbe.

Partner compatibility plays an important role

Dating guys and girls in Dushanbe via the Internet, like Many other services of the It industry, has long been A part of our livesYou may hear a lot Of stories about how online Dating helped you find a Soulmate and create a strong Family in the future, but There is another trend. According to statistics, in, the Number of divorces will be, And marriages last no more Than a year. What's the big deal. Dating station Polovinka in Dushanbe Will help you find a Real soulmate, a relationship with Which will develop most favorably. Our site shows a compatible Rating for everyone who is With you, and thus brings Online Dating serious relationships in Dushanbe to a new level, And all the services offered On the site. Check compatibility. Many women have a time In their lives when they Really want to meet a Nice person to create a Strong relationship.

But somehow it doesn't Add up.

looking for a friend to Chat with

The girl's appearance is Beautiful: neat and clean, very Well-dressed, in excellent condition, In good physical condition. She believes that men pay Attention to her, but it Doesn't go beyond an Exchange of glances or a Short conversation. And all these errors, and All this in no way. Why this is bad luck. Now we'll talk about it. That is, about a girl From inside the country who Finds it difficult to meet A man.

What emotions prevent you from understanding.

Consider the four main ones: Disgust, contempt, fear, and sadness. A girl looks at a Man, and a false judgment About him appears in her head. She doesn't know him Yet, but she is already Sure that this man may Be a drunkard, that it Is bad to wear good Clothes, such a beggar, but That's all it is Equal to walking. And, as a rule, such Emotional disgust is imprinted on A woman's face, and A man not only sees It, but most often feels Your hostile attitude towards him.

For many, this has become A habit that can't Be controlled.

This is especially true for Successful or self-sufficient women.

On the face, this usually Manifests itself in the form Of an asymmetric smile or Facial expressions, a smile.

As you can imagine, a Person can't help but Notice this.

This reduces its importance and Puts it in an unequal position. And no sane person would Want to remove it. In addition, if external women Are afraid to touch the Role of protecting men, then Such internal fear will only Stimulate and also repel them. In women, this manifests itself In the form of the Voice of the grandmother's Head, which whispers: do not Go with him, you will Be offended again, it will Be like in the past, Do not expect from him, You will be handed over, etc. Its owner, a woman with A sad expression, downcast eyes, And a heavy gait. The whole girl the outside Showed that she hadn't Regained the old relationship, and In her head she thought: No one will be as Good as the first one, He won't take care Of me like that, he Has a different gait and Different habits, and his nose Is stupid. In fact, all these emotions Embody inner isolation and fear Of a woman, they keep Her in a kind of Isolation zone. And getting out of it Is difficult, but very real.

First of all, when you Have bad thoughts about a Person you don't know Yet, or who is ready To meet you, this question Of defiance and disgust, ask Yourself why I decided this.

Begin to understand that these Are false judgments, because they Do not confirm anything. You don't know that He didn't know. Let's make an experiment, Let's call it a Hundred Dating sites, where you Will start meeting and communicating With men, depending on the Scale of your points of Attraction, gaining from to points. And you will see that Many of them are not As bad as you think. We thought about this one. And such an experiment will Help you learn how to Get acquainted without fear, without Prejudice, and draw your own Conclusions after the conversation, and Not before it.

And the main rule of Such an experiment, when Dating Is not to build long-Term plans for men, but Just to communicate and spend Time for your own pleasure.

Remember that men love women To convey clarity and interest, Not sadness, disdain and a Bunch of fear inside.

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