Married Online: how Muslim women Search for An online

Some people think that marriage Is in heaven

Others take matters into their Own hands and find a Partner onlineI found four girls who Turned virtual Dating into a Strong and happy marriage, and Learned how to properly search For a groom on the site. After experimenting with several popular Apps, I found a lot Of people who wanted to Marry Muslims from abroad, men With dangerous weapons, and even Guys with painted beards. Thus, the specific inhabitants of The Dating site were all Men who were looking for A second wife. They told me why they Chose polygamy, and I turned Out to be an expert On the issue Islam, and Found out why not choose Such men.

Find out more about how Muslim Dating sites work, where He can meet, and more Material on Tartar notification.

Young Muslims used to meet Married parents, but now we Are more independent and have Started our own families. Sometimes this happens thanks to The Internet, despite the fact That experts on this issue Have not yet decided exactly Whether it is allowed to Find a spouse in this way.

There is no clear decision On whether to use the Site for Dating purposes.

There are rules that easily Break such sites, against the Prescription of religion, and if So, then there will be No Barakat blessed one," said Brother Hazrat Mubarakov, head of The Sharia Department of the Spiritual administration of the Republic Of Tatarstan for Muslim Affairs. He added that sometimes the Temptation of such services is People flirting or endlessly choosing The most profitable match. However, since none of the Dating apps are banned, I Decided to to try.

Only girls from the Republic Of Tatarstan and almost thousand Men participate in the active search.

It means I have a Good chance of finding a Friend here. You create an account, write About yourself, and post the Best photos. But there are photos in Which strictly Muslim women can Show nothing but oval faces And hands.

I went on a date With some of them

For the first time, the Intermediary did not agree with My image, because it showed My neck. It was difficult to take A beautiful photo of myself, So I called a friend And asked for help. Aigul Shaikhislamova would like to Take a picture of me As best as possible, but Would not recommend adding a Profile with photos. Photos attract too much attention, And from emails per minute You will quickly get bored, She is convinced. After Aigul and Ilshat found Each other online, they continued To communicate, helping each other With research, and. years after they met, they Signed up for the registry Office, nicknamed They got married In a mosque. Now they are they have Two children and are very Happy together. A few minutes later, my First fiance texted me.

I was surprised to see That he wasn't free, But he was looking for A second wife.

Although Islam believes in choosing A bride based on religious Background, Shakur, was looking for A young second wife who Was beautiful inside and out. The first spouse was bored After eight years of marriage With two children. The man claims that his Business is thriving and can Provide for several wives and Children of the tribe at once. If I decide to become His second wife, they will Keep Nika in our mosque, But they will refuse to Register a marriage in the Registry Office, because it is Illegal to have two wives In Russia. Therefore, I will not have Some legal rights, explained Brother Hazrat Mubarakov, Sharia Department of The Spiritual administration of the Republic of Tatarstan for Muslim Affairs. Therefore, scammers do not take Young girls home as the Head of state and correspondence Remains within the bounds of Decency, all messages on the Site are viewed by the owners. They make sure that young People don't we exchanged Phone numbers and started meeting With the Holy Land, which Is forbidden. So instead of enticing me With my phone number or Social media account, -year-old Vladimir clicked the request for Contact with a guardian button And planned to discuss a Possible marriage with his father. Unlike his father's side, Which could act as nick'S guardian. The prospect of meeting relatives Does not frighten the groom Abroad, in weeks he plans To fly from Germany to Kazan. By the way, he was Looking for his wife on The Internet because of the Terrible shortage of brides in The German market. According to experts, making friends Through the site and continuing Correspondence in the presence of The girl's relatives is A good option. Their relatives should monitor them To avoid mistakes.

For example, when flirting with His scattered core of people, Let them forget that he Is the Almighty," notes Brother Hazrat Mubarakov.

Meeting not only for marriage, But also for simple communication, Offers the application Aneyem. Main goal of the project - Connect Tatars, so there is A convenient way to blow Up when changing the Tatar keyboard. The principle is as old As the world: they tell You the candidate's photo, Just as they click on The check mark by clicking On the cross tile. If everything is the same, The chat opens. By the way, it is Not necessary to be a Muslim, so the photo has More relaxed requirements, and the Photo of a girl without A hijab after. But the reaction to such A photo can reasonably be Noted that -year-old Maryam.

not all users are so strict.

Especially opening strange photos to people. For example, long Renat presents A sturgeon in his hands On a double and begins The greeting of our friend-Swan neck, as Ilnar did Not paint his beard. And Damir, with a machine Gun in his hand, decides Further: Digital reality is nonsense, Dear, let's meet.

I look back at the Incarnation of his weapon and refuse.

But sometimes it's a Great idea to see a Guy, Chalpan tells me.

She had a very modern Look that found a husband In less than a month Without even being distracted to My College class. Before the hard exam, I Promised myself that I would Go on a date with The guy in the app If I passed.

After a happy, he offered To meet me, and I Wanted fate and agreed.

Our relationship has become serious. A few weeks of meetings Here, and we are already. years old," she shares. I decided to go on A date and see a fan. Many people believe that Oriental Men take very good care Of girls - they say beautiful Things, receive expensive gifts, take Them to chic restaurants. I expected my future husband To hope from my doorstep That I would bring the Family plate, hung with gold Ornaments that he would give Me every day. But the reality was different.

I met my first boyfriend In the heart of the city.

Sa is years old, and His fear of the age Difference if ten years bothers me. After determining that I wasn'T scared, he led me To a cafe where it Was very hard, almost hidden In a Cup of coffee. A little later, I found Out that this is not Modesty or religious beliefs, and His unwillingness to marry. While relatives are in a Hurry with Mara, it is More interesting that he has Conquered the heights of his career. On Dating sites, he quickly Found a life partner and Asked relatives. A second date is also Different from a kind of Oriental fairy tale. New treasure He seemed nice And polite to me in His correspondence, but in reality He was surprisingly displeased and sullen. First we took a walk Around the city center, and He complained about the weather And garbage. Later, he didn't find Me very pleasant. Serious face, I said, I Was bald under the hood. The guy doesn't know If this is a joke, Just in case, and soon Says goodbye. Getting to know each other At the mosque and interacting With them EN masse is Also a good option to Find a couple, Alya Fakhrazieva Told me. She found a life partner Years ago on Facebook about The Kama-e-Che mosque. Now they have two sons In their family. Muslims don't need to Be in a relationship for Years to get to know Each other, and then start A family because people with The same faith, worldview and Beliefs need the same amount Of time to get to Know each other, aliyah explained. And I understand that this Is why apps and Dating Sites sometimes surprise and create Families.

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