How To meet Girls in Saudi Arabia. Live Central Asia

You can try to pick Up a nice neighbor

First of all, Saudi Arabia Today is the people of Many countriesNon-Muslim foreigners can usually Meet up on the street Or in posh local shopping Malls, exchange contacts on social Media, and then continue to Get acquainted. But for locals to meet In the West makes sense Very difficult because of the Strict Muslim rules and traditions Of the country itself. Before the widespread use of The Internet, they usually met Through sisters being rewarded or Just out of kindness a Soul mate could frame his Brother to have a willing girlfriend.

Then there was the long Period of the Dating era Through - that's what Saudis Found this way to start A relationship.

But shat knows it doesn'T bother the pain much

Now, India and the US Have taken on this heavy Burden, which, along with Iran And China, is not prohibited here. If you do not use The social media system, you Can meet in mixed halls Men and women while studying Abroad, at work, if there Are men and women.

Then it happened that my Local young lady was wrapped In clothes from head to toe.

Those who think that a Woman in a bag with Only her eyes visible can'T show herself unless there Is an Arab way. Yes, the robe covers almost everything.

But Saudi divas pose as A Shalom to accidentally knock A passerby to the ground.

And this exposes only a Part of the body, the eyes.

Cute girls, by the way, Western ones will never allow Themselves this.

If the initial acquaintance is In one form or another, Then it is very difficult To hold a meeting. This is definitely more difficult For a city than the Other three major cities of Riyadh, Jeddah and Dhahran.

Previously, couples traveled to neighboring Countries for this purpose.

Most people here live close To the border, so in Most cases it won't Be more than an hour Or two. You can arrange a five-Minute date at the Mall Or on the beach. Previously, the Saudi religious police Were always hanging around asking Questions of any young couple, But now that that's Gone, no one will ask You for a marriage certificate. You can also go to This country for picnics and Cross paths with your girlfriend - Some even organize parties in The desert. But this is the most Convenient communication in local restaurants. This is not a table In an open hall, as In Europe, but separate rooms Or booths with a view Of the big city. Finally, you can meet at Home, but as in the West, it will be a Huge step forward, and you Must be sure that at The most critical moments, no One will break down and rise.

Obviously, all these methods are Very complex and dangerous, but They will not destroy them In the sense that the Saudis have no choice.

Moreover, most of them don'T suffer much from the Current situation.

Despite the fact that love Marriages happen from time to Time, there is no strong Tradition in society to end Family unions with the consent Of the parents. It's not as bad As it sounds. Imagine that you are twenty Years old, and all you Have ever had from the Opposite sex is a kiss On the cheek from a cousin. Then the parents will show The girl with the photo And say that she can Be your wife. Trust me, you'll probably Love her until you lose Your memory. And they have the same Thing going on in their heads. A friend of mine worked With unmarried Saudi women who Were well-educated, fluent in English, and comfortable in Western society. According to her, they don'T like it very much They liked it, and they All wanted to go home.

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