How to Meet a Chinese guy Online or Live in A

How to meet Chinese people To start a family

Today's youth is not A problemIn the last few years, Marriages between Russians and Chinese Have been widespread. According to recent research, of Russian women who are married To a Chinese woman feel Satisfied with their family life And believe that a Chinese Husband is better than a Russian one. For men in this country, Starting a family is a Responsible task, but finding a Partner is difficult, because there Are more than, Chinese men In China than Chinese girls.

If a girl is born, The pregnancy is terminated

This imbalance is related to The policy that has existed In China for decades: one Family, one child. According to Chinese tradition, the Son has to provide for Elderly parents there is no Pension system, so the birth Of a son is a Great joy. The effects of this law Are still a problem for Chinese men, so these marriages Are between Chinese and European And Russian women they are Becoming more common. China is a special people. Men from childhood understand that In the future they will Be able to provide for A person's family, so They try to study a Lot and get a profession. They are cautious and do Not show their real feelings At the first meeting, but Immediately assess the role of The girl as a possible Rival of the wife and Mother of the unborn child.

For them, the beginning of A relationship leads to marriage.

They insist on the traditional View in the family that The wife should not dominate, The main word of a person.

A woman can't play A role, but the house Must be in order. Special attention is paid to Children, for whom a family In which everything is in Order is the best. In China, parents are revered And respected, and their words Are most dominant in the Family Council. For representatives of this country, Family is the most important Part of life. The wife and children will Always be protected, and the Husband's responsibility in all Matters revolves around the care And attention of the family. The modern world has decided New rules for Dating. Previously, you could only get Married at the direction of Their parents, and today the Chinese choose a couple through Dating sites or with the Help of matchmakers. The purpose of online Dating For Chinese boys and girls Is to create a family. They take this process seriously, Telling the truth about their Background and social status and Expecting the same sincerity from Their pen partners. Since ancient times, every city Has made progress - the market Sells the bride and groom. In Shanghai's People's Park, it's still active Today, Saturday and Sunday. Thousands of ads are posted On the alleys for those Who want to start a family. There are also representatives of Marriage agencies who can choose The desired candidate. The application form must indicate Your age, height, diploma, apartment Or car. Other data is optional. They don't post photos, But the Agency does submit them.

People in China are not Used to seeing the street.

It is absolutely forbidden to Start a relationship that works. A good opportunity to get Acquainted is the time New Year's eve, when it Is customary to go to Visit, where you can find A couple of people. The easiest way to get Acquainted is to organize wedding Tours in Khabarovsk, Vladivostok. You can find your half Of a vacation in China. In Russian megacities, a couple Can meet in Chinese restaurants, At exhibitions dedicated to Chinese Culture, in traditional tea or Online correspondence based on interests.

Girls are interested in enriching Their partners, real estate, impressive Appearance, but for all meetings, The basis is sympathy and location.

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