How To handle And date A guy. Our

I really like the young Man in our classes

He's not in my Class, but we usually see Him in other lectures in The cafeteria, in GeneralWe don't know each Other, but I think I Was attracted to his gaze - Brown eyes, a tall build, And a very cute smile. You can tell me how To deal with it and Get acquainted. If he starts laughing at me. Here you need a female trick.

If you often meet at A restaurant, try to create An environment in which you Can communicate.

For example, you can sit Down with him at the Table and calmly ask him Some abstract question. Your task is to start A casual conversation aimed at Your dream.

And this acquaintance will seem Natural, even ordinary.

Moreover, when you make such An acquaintance, you put the Whole ACE in the young Man's hand. Such an acquaintance will never Look strange or, as they Say, a head.

I felt like a spy Watching him backstage

Because your simulation of the Situation will be relaxed: there Is simply no free space, And you will sit down As much as possible. You don't force communication, You just greet people who Happen to be nearby. And whether a conversation will Start between you depends on Many factors. But even here, you can Do something like: ask what Is asked in a particular Topic, or what is the Name of the teacher, or What is the topic for The course of their choice. The fact is that people Who study the same course Talk about a large number Of topics. The main thing is to Overcome shyness and take a Step towards your destiny. Or maybe it's not Your destiny - who knows. but if you don't, You won't know, will you. I encourage all girls not To sit and wait for Someone to approach them and Meet them, but to simulate The situation, try to attract Attention and start a conversation With those people who really Like you. Get away from false humiliation And shyness and take your Fate into your own hands. Don't be afraid that Someone will laugh at you-First laugh at your own. In General, in the treatment Of oneself and with the World around us has a Lot of humor, which makes Life much easier.

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