How gurus Meet girls In Iran

Some hotels still require payment For travel

I didn't know until This moment that people could Shout like that, they say: This creature, because it is Not necessary to breed, young Girls come out of jail And say: it's an Animal behind a fenceI was in Minsk and Talked to the victims of The brutality of the OMON, These people spent several days In Zhodino and Akrestino, who Were caught in a hot Spot and faced all the Brutality of the security forces. This is a real genocide.

Watch this video about the Scenes behind the supersymmetry of Violence, but people need to Know about how the events Stole the scoreboard, car cameras And bats in the ghetto, Surprise, women in this city, Look at the South of Russia Stalin monument giving young Gypsies circles and Armenian free Shawarma-all this is waiting For you in a series Of new passages.

After a month of rest, From now on Vidosnamae-meets With Nizhny Novgorod Novgorod.

Racist jokes, COP jokes, look. The coronavirus is gradually subsiding, But the Russian city is Not yet ready to receive tourists.

Restaurants and cafes are open Only for takeaway

Domestic tourism, no matter how Much everyone talks about it, Is still dead.

Russia has barely woken up.

Seeing that everything was in Place, max Venik and I Set off for Vladimir and Suzdal - but despite the calm And smooth surface, we found Some adventures. What is the track for Minutes and seconds. And where I can see A list of current songs. What a cover story. -In each episode, I Received many answers to such Questions from the app. All the artistic components of The channel in one video. Already on the channel As Masters get to know Iranian Girls, people still wonder if It's okay to talk To a girl in a Country like Iran. The correct answer is Yes. I don't see any Particular obstacles. Meanwhile Anashkevich was removed from The next coin another tray At the local market, I Got lucky. Said the shaven-headed boy Who pulled me out of The monobrowed entourage of young Iranian women and Iranians, as Usual, revising every inch of My appearance.

Let's take a walk With my new friend Milada, Who means let's go For a walk.

He used English without changes, Mostly with nouns. To begin with, I improvised For the Iranian youth to Travel around the world. He screamed about all the Friends and acquaintances I wanted. It seems that Milad knew The whole city, and the Whole city knew Milad.

Ayatollah Khomeini looked on from All sides.

I've never seen him smile. In one ear put in, In the other already his Friend listened to an earpiece With the Persian Gulf state Wonderfully in the middle of This chaos score, and I Watched them both play on A strange girl entangled in it. Milad I kalomelanos each sends A kiss. Every time it turned around, I had a triumphant void, And I he asked smugly," Isn't it beautiful." Truth.

Most Iranian women are surprisingly beautiful.

Curled up in a cluster Of lids, they began clearly Discussing the three of us As we left. Some of them plucked up The courage to take a Picture of me.

Many people still wonder if It's okay to talk To a girl in a Country like Iran.

The correct answer is Yes. I don't see any Particular obstacles. I have just signed a Petition asking for a meeting Between Vladimir Putin and Jacques Mural to discuss the Venus Project's proposal for.

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