How Easy and Easy it Is to Meet any

Current acquaintances now live on Social networks

Nowadays, I rarely meet guys And men along the way And meet girls in shopping Malls and on the streetsWhether it was years ago, When these guys and I Met girls in a bet, We measured the number of Phone numbers of new kids.

If you are interested in Secret Dating, then we use Guys, and then read the End of this article.

If you understand on the Fuse and sprocket, then also Read this, it will be helpful. First of all, remember that At the time you are Approaching, you are completely unfamiliar And unfamiliar with her. And, among other things, a Girl who is in a Shopping center, on the street Or in a public place Can be quite deeply immersed In her own thoughts. You only approach a girl When you see her. The implication is that you Have made contact and she Understands you if you approach The girl from behind or Suddenly jump out from around The corner, which will frighten her. Fear in cases, refusing to Meet with a smile and As if looking up to Have any girl with you.

So pay close attention to The approach

Smiles should not be nervous, But everything comes from the Temples, from the eyes, try Not to violate the girl'S personal space. Intimate area for all people Of different sizes, but this Is approximately equal to the Distance for stretching your arm.

There is no way to Understand a straight head.

Psychologically, this is perceived negatively And rejected. Think of it as a Hit-and-run. Try this method and get Acquainted with the perspective and Perception in this area. If the girl is sitting At a bus stop or On a bench however, it Is better to sit next To her, do not approach And do not hover over Her When a girl is In a hurry to get Into business and does not Notice anything, do not try To suddenly stop her or, Even worse, stop her on The way. This will lead to negativity. Remember, we are all busy When let's get to The situation and get up, When you need to catch A girl, you should not Start talking to her from Behind or as soon as You catch her.

Take a half step across Her and walk up to Her for a few seconds And watch her smile.

When she sees you, then Start talking. A good gesture that is A sign of relaxation and Self-confidence. It is straight and confident, Stand up straight, raise your Shoulders, do not put your Hands in your pockets, do Not hold your nose, and You will be happy. Clothing should be clean and Tidy, a style that should Be respected whenever possible. It is impossible to understand Either in sweatpants sticking out On the knees, or in A set with greasy sleeves, Or in a katashka, which Is disgusting. No one wants to date you. Create a good impression of yourself. I do not know if Your goal is to have A good time, sleep with A girl, or have a Long-term relationship, but these Tips will certainly help you Get to know any girl.

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