Goodbye Find You Luke Facebook

After posting, join the group And suggest a news item

If you are interested in Posting ads on the group'S walls or have a Question, please contact us via Group messagesdon't forget to specify The time and place that Will help you search. I'd like to try My luck. Or maybe this is where My friends will notice and I'll briefly introduce myself: I'm a very creative person.

I love journalism, I write Songs and poems

Life is painfully devoid of Beauty music for the ears Mostly punk rock. I love my friends, my Dog, go to festivals, read Books I love detective novels, Play games, bright places and Original people. Good luck with one of Your future options: please, if You guys find out that You have at least similar Interests, don't announce that I'm looking for a Life partner from to, I'm. You must be moderately bold, Gentle, smart and able to Cook it should be just fine. And most importantly, you must Be ready for family life. Those who are just interested In a fleeting, silly hobby Don't know what pacifiers And dolls want. The most ordinary and simple, But special, and not a Gray mouse girl with children Is not afraid of children - This is happiness. You fit in with the Instructions written during the day.

The first step for Dating, Which you saw in the Instructions above.

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