Get to know Tunisia: this time

The flight time to Tunis from Kiev was

Because, as you already know, I recently visited Africa for the first time, namely TunisiaI didn't expect anything from this country, because it would be wrong to compare it with European or Asian countries, and also, as I said, I've never been to an African country. In a series of posts, I'll tell you what Tunisia is, because I've seen it. I won't reprint the wiki, you can read it yourself I will only talk about what I saw and what I came in contact with. My impressions are mixed: at the Tbilisi airport, I had to travel a long way, because from one terminal and the plane next to the other, I had to go to the other airport. others, plus the cabin in which we flew, fell into disrepair a little. On the other hand, the exact flight schedule, and the food on Board was just fine. By the way, I can't help but say this. I'm used to people clapping when they land. But this is the first time I've seen applause on takeoff. Now he is still applauding in the middle of the flight and I will say that I saw everything. hours we passed in Tunis. At the airport, you need to go through the formal process of filling out an entrance ticket and pass through the metal detector frame. Why they are official. Yes, because Tunisian customs officers hardly look at what is written on a piece of paper.

We had a heated argument about what to write on this or that line, and in the end, everyone wrote in their own way, and everyone missed it The airport was completely deserted, and it seemed that this was our only visitor.

The fact is that the season is just beginning and the occupancy rate of this airport will grow daily. upon departure from the airport, we immediately saw that in Tunisia there were paid flights. Later I found out that there are quite a lot of people, although the presence of parallel free roads is, of course, in very poor condition. We moved along these roads in very good conditions. Some of us immediately started throwing ashes on our heads and complaining about the fact that Ukrainian roads have become worse. But, you know, I'm not like that. In Ukraine, there are many roads that are no worse, and at the same time they are free. Meanwhile, I'm definitely not sure that all roads in Tunisia are in the same condition as toll highways in all parts of the country. there are things that bite popular Pets in Tunisia. Sheep pastures are common on the roads, and we've only seen cows once or twice in most cases. periodically, artificial passages are dug out of the sea. As I understand it, this is most likely seawater used to extract salt.

Tunisia is a Muslim country, which means that mosques can be seen everywhere.

But I don't recognize the fancy ones right away minarets, because I'm more used to round towers. Traffic in the city is carried out almost without traffic lights - at all intersections of roads there are circles along which vehicles gracefully leave. Everything would be fine if the Internet in this hotel was still on top. In the lobby, I managed to establish communication despite the difficulties. However, in the room, despite the presence of a router, online categorically refused to work. To be honest, I was told that he should be with others.

It was my first flight aboard the Wild Rose

So only I was lucky, and in the evening, dinner at a restaurant, meeting at a bar, and maybe I would have finished the first part of my story. I managed to talk to a guy at the front Desk for a while, and he asked about the situation in Ukraine. It was nice to hear that he fully supports Ukraine in this conflict, because Tunisia itself has recently experienced such a revolution and knows what it is. If you enjoy watching TV, then I suggest you experience it in the direction of Tunis.

Here You Are learn many other details and details.

A recent day in Tunis.

We spent the morning on the beach, in the sun, swimming in the sea, diving in the pool.

After lunch, we went to Tunis airport and from there. Strolled through the city of Sousse at night. About how we go to the gift shop and realize how badly we screwed up. Say goodbye for the night at the Riyadh palm hotel.

Take a walk through the center of the Tunisian capital.

Old Medina, market to buy. In the evening, we will check into a hotel at the mouth of Kondavi. Travel to the ancient city of Carthage. We will visit the national Museum of Carthage, as well as the famous Antoninus Pius Bath Baths. We will also go to. Check out my hotel room. Evening shopping, shopping, Souvenirs. How to bargain in Tunis. We arrive in the young city of Tunis - yasmin Hammamet. Beaches, sea, swimming pools, entertainment.

Vaclav Baja Hotel.

Link to the video. So, we continue our jeep trip to the Sahara. We saw the camel's neck, in the dunes and on the planet Tatooine filming. Visit the Shebikai oasis, waterfalls and water features, drive to Kairouan and visit the main mosque, stop at shops, cafes and hotels. A consistent list of the most interesting posts in the topic of my magazine. Now, if you are interested, it will be easier to find the input that interests you. Posts are placed in chronological order new top and divided into thematic categories.

Maybe I need to improve the list somehow.

Please let us know.

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