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Therefore, I ask a potential Friend to consider this nuance

I live with my student, And my son has a Pet-a Russian houndI don't want to Lose sight of the fact That I prefer honesty and openness. I can cook if I Need to. Cho, intelligent, gracious, a very Good hostess, calm, loyal, attractive, Gentle, kind, sympathetic with a Sense of humor, my whole Life was devoted to military Service, which undoubtedly left an Imprint on my character and Demanded of others.

From a retired senior position.

One of the kind, decent, Clean, intelligent women, women of Kazakhstan can understand and accept Me, because I am. My one and only, my Dear little man, my soul mate.

I can forgive a lot Of things other than betrayal

A person who loves me More than any other person In the world and is Willing to do anything with me. The man who won't Leave will not change or Betray me in the unfortunate Or difficult times of my life. A person who cares about What happens to me and How it happens in my head. As childish as it may Sound, I want to find, First, a very good person Female, of course, and secondly, A life partner. I am a simple person, A romantic, not without an Interest in all the pleasures Of life. I look - years younger than I am. It is quite attractive and Self-sufficient. I love walking in the Fresh air, Hiking in our Mountains, picking mushrooms and berries, Fishing and winter trips to The warm ocean of tropical Asian countries. Self-sufficient and very attractive, I look much younger than My years, romantic, normal healthy, Sexy, fun companion, does not Worry about all the joys Of life. Honest, smart, purposeful, patient, energetic, kind. But if I feel devious, Deceitful, and betrayed, then change The attitude and I'll Never come near me. We can correspond, but not Closer to just acquaintances.

Kind, economical, sufficient, without bad habits.

No hysterical woman sets a Goal to meet in order To create a happy, friendly Family and not look for Material interests and benefits. And the one who prefers, Does not swear.

I don't swear, it'S unpleasant to talk to A girl who swears.

The woman still wants to Start a family.

with whom you can talk And do something interesting together.

Dear ladies, ladies, please do Not write to those who Believe that the path of Women is out of the Oven in front of the house.

You are on the page Of online Dating with men In Taldykorgan. Here you can view the Dating profiles of unmarried men From the city of Taldykorgan. After registration, which takes a Few minutes, you will be Able to correspond with men And boys in other cities. Everyone wants to meet, find Their love, find their loved One, get married or get Married in the city Taldykorgan, Enjoy Your emails.

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