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I'm looking for a Cute and charming creature

A little macho, it is Worth meeting women who are Ready to share the responsibility For family life and spend A bright love and understandingThin, kind, sweet girl had Years of happy life with Me very tired of loneliness, I do not need conflict Hostile moods I am a Colonel Of the GRU special forces. I live in own house. I have my own principles. I smile and laugh a Lot I want to find My woman for a serious Relationship with my family. I just need love. The main thing is mutual Compassion and understanding of each Other, these are the main Criteria for a happy family life. According to Zadiak strelts, without VR PRIV-K, CH humor, Crazy hands, living on the Border with Krasnodar, preferably in A private house near red square. Beautiful, sweet, charming. The Creator of intellectual property Lives in Krasnodar, he has Not lost his young spirit And sexual desire. If possible, I lead a Healthy lifestyle. Basically, I do what I want. I live the way I want. Morally balanced. I live in a city Near the garden. Financial security. The only thing missing is The loving image of your beloved.

I try to keep a Positive attitude

A woman of Slavic appearance And mentality. Relatively healthy and leading a Healthy lifestyle. An active person who believes In love and desire. A person who wants to Live closer to nature among Gardens with a loved one. An ordinary person, a believer, Hardworking, self-critical, according to Others, not without a sense Of humor.

I try to live only On clear days, but everyone Has a hard time.

It is important to analyze Them and draw the necessary conclusions. Good spirits, a few people With whom it is easy To share pain and joy, And, of course, our future Small world. This may be a bit Idealistic, but I still believe In it.

And strength lies in faith.

I want to find someone Who can accept me, because I am a simple, gentle, Affectionate little person who will Spend the rest of my Life, and I have a Very difficult project under the Questionnaire, of course. How can you write something About yourself when you're Very humble. For as long as I Can remember, I've always Loved, loved messing with wires, Soldering things, I really love To draw what would be The cause, mechanism or details Of them, and more sophisticated Equipment, and more interesting, sometimes It gets a little bit, A kind of captured excitement I can't take off For a few days until I fall or finish completely With lunch or any other Food call less than help, Only a strong ability to starve. What I'm looking for. Our family always says look Flat, but since there are No two identical people and They are looking for an Opportunity to say how close To a fight, they are Looking for a girl, of Course, tall like me, no Children for me this is Very important, non-smokers like Me, even if sometimes they Don't drink like me, Even during the holidays, of Course, there are other moments That are no less important, They are looking for a Slav See what would be Good if her hobby was Sewing, knitting or some other Craft that is not practical Or useful. I don't like modern Pop music and modern TV Shows, and I don't Agree to keep dogs and Cats in my apartment. It's hard to talk About yourself. I don't like compliments. Everyone has their own opinion.

Basically, everyone is angry that I don't smoke, that I don't drink, that I'm at home, that I don't like parties.

The opposite person appreciates it. What I give you - you Will find only in communication With people not really that I want to find-is Kindness, sincerity, understanding and care. I don't think quitting In a difficult moment is A girl with dignity. You are on the page Of online Dating with men In Krasnodar.

Here you can view Dating Profiles of unmarried men from The city of Krasnodar Krai.

After registration, which takes a Few minutes, you will get To correspondence with men and Boys in other cities. Everyone wants to meet, find Their love, find their other Half, get married or get Married in the city of Krasnodar Krai, interesting communications.

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