Free Dating In Krasnoyarsk

I like to bring comfort To my home

I often sit at the Sewing room use a typewriter To do something, to change The interior, sew or alterI love making pies and cakes.

Easy to climb and will Support any initiative.

I really appreciate your friendship

I replace my active time Cycling, roller skating, rock climbing With reading books. I do ballroom dancing. I work in the rehabilitation Department of a hospital and Suffer from traveling directly with patients. I am a successful person And have built a career And business. I have a dream to Go to America, to Europe With warmth and without snow. I want to find someone Who can live with the Soul and understand each other Without words. I appreciate my partner's Tastes and interests and cannot Accept a conflict. I promise to be an Honest and interesting conversation and friend. Just a friend now. Positive, open attitude, healthy sense Of humor.

Makes everything very easy to Understand with half a word At a glance and without Any problems.

I work as a private Trader in the financial and Stock markets.

Everything he did previously, it Was left to his ex-wife. Again earned money I'm Not interested in questions. A calm, balanced, reliable, loyal, Loving person that you want To bring home. Not just to return, but To fly on the wing. By nature, he is a Bit macho and cheerful in Character, ready to give him All the time, his family In General and his lover In particular. But for quite a long Time after the divorce, about Two years, I was in A sad, somewhat depressed solitude, While now I have been Acting, conforming and taking revenge On myself for a long Time, inactive and in complete Silence, in empty walls. A girl or a woman Is not just for living Together or starting a family. But also a reliable friend - A loyal companion who at Least partially shares my interests.

It is only fair to Expect mutual attention from her Understanding friends, who will be Ready to support her in Any initiative.

Not exactly the principles of Living as a foreigner: I Like to walk, set up Camps, go to the Hiking, Camping overnight.

I love reading and reading Science fiction. In my spare time, I Help homeless animals as a volunteer.

I don't like cold, Snow, or freezing temperatures.

The most important thing is A relationship based on respect And trust."You get what you want, With these cheap plots, empty Shows, outbursts of anger. All you need is a Cozy home, a nice dinner, And someone who knows how Much sugar to put in Your coffee. I want to find a Friend, a like-minded person, An interlocutor, and then everything Will be done Hello. You are on the page Of a Dating site in Krasnoyarsk. Here you can see Dating Ordinary people from the city Of Krasnoyarsk.

After registration, which takes a Few minutes, you will be Able to reach people living In other cities.

Everyone wants to meet, find Their love, find their other Half, get married or get Married in the city of Krasnoyarsk and have a good Conversation.

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