For India, Indian love is the land of girls

Men drink, women and children beat, and many die

The country's life is overNow the country's girls are taking their fate and their place in the world into their own hands. The daily routine of an Indian girl usually looks like this: She goes to school, comes home, works at home, cooks or cleans, looks after her siblings, does her homework, and goes to bed. Abuse and violence occur frequently, and girls die due to neglect because they are considered less young. Indiana like a normal village from outside, said our correspondent Silke Dietrich. It is quite isolated - Silke is more dangerous for us. The infrastructure is pathetic. What makes the country so special is that girls in age groups from year to year get together and their problems simultaneously solve the problems of the entire country. And they care about the solutions. Something that never existed. The girls club sees to it that the village, not the dogs, do it. Because Indian love has a big problem: in percentage terms, it is the place with the highest number of widows in India. Many men have died as a result of accidents or drunkenness.

Because it is clear that women must obey men

Most of them started drinking because they lost their jobs. As soon as you earn something, give the money away for alcohol or contact your family to Finance your addiction. In the evening, I walk the streets with men and molest Schoolgirls. And also at home, the suffering that a girl suffers when her father is drunk. Domestic violence is a common phenomenon. First, the girls from the village, the state, the rescue services turned around, and at some point things went their own way.

First step: for Lampioni: care, because otherwise the light literally goes out of the"clock in the village".

They also took care of the library. The next big project is already on the agenda: girls want to make sure that their village is connected to the bus network. In short, for people who grew up in the city, it sounds natural, for Indian girls, love is a big thing. However, not only logistical issues were discussed at the club's meetings. Sexuality is also a big issue that is still banned in India. With the support of the girls club, the girls helped Finance linking up with us. They also go to schools to tell people that child marriages are illegal or that girls can't say no when relatives have sex.

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