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All of this may explain The psychological function

When trying to find a Soulmate in a city like Tajikistan, they will quickly choose The right person man and Woman girl in the spirit Of fully configuring the parametersAll you have to do Is get to know him And start an interesting conversation, Ask him out on a First date and charm him. Remarriage, in some cases, people Who remarry experience a movement Of feelings in a vicious circle.

Represented by women, as a rule

They went through this situation And only with another person By their side. The same misunderstandings, the same Problems, misunderstandings about the same thing. The human mind everything is Organized, a person always attracts A group with the same External and personal characteristics. Comments: let's take a Break for a while, when The partner has accumulated a Lot of resentment, and the Passion is significantly reduced, they May want to take a Break for a while. This is done so that People can calm down a Little, Express their thoughts and Have time to miss each other.

But will this gap help everyone.

First, the conflict must be Resolved through dialogue, not silence. If the partners decide to Take a break from each Other to stop the constant Bickering, then they should understand.

Comments: how to keep a Friendship Friendship is a hard Word to define, but it'S still a simple and Straightforward concept.

The prerequisites for friendship arise On an intuitive level, and After a while it turns Out that people have similar Interests and worldviews. Tolerance for each other, mutual Respect and any other support Base for true friendship. You need to protect your Friendship, because it is the Friend who is motivated by The person, and sometimes is The only source of support.

Friendship is very similar to love.

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