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Make new friends in StSign up is free and Very simple. Let the time we spend On the site bring you Positive results. Good luck finding your soulmate. Saint Petersburg is the second Largest city in the Russian Federation. It is the administrative center Of the northwestern part of The Federal district and the Leningrad region. It was founded in by Peter the great. In, it was the capital Of the Russian state. The city was named after The disciples of Saint Peter. It is located on the Coast of the Gulf of Finland and at the mouth Of the Neva river in Northwestern Russia. The city has a population of. Saint Petersburg is the northernmost City in the world with A population of over a Million people.

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Saint Petersburg is a world-Class cultural center, often referred To as the capital's culture. The city has objects of Cultural heritage monuments of culture And history. There are more than museums In the city, including the Hermitage, which is probably familiar To everyone.

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