Dating In Nizhny Novgorod Nizhny Novgorod region

And the Volga separates Novgorod From another city, Hollow

The administrative center of the Nizhny Novgorod region is located In the Central part of Russia and has an impressive Population: about million people, often Attributed to the Volga region, Thanks to the settlement is Located on the Volga approximately At its junction with the Oka riverIt is ancient because it Was founded at the beginning Of the thirteenth century by Russian princes. The spirit of the locals Divided their city into two Parts - Nagornaya And Zalernaya, and This division usually takes place Along the Okha river. In the morning of the S, the Pod was renamed In Gorky, and this name Lasted until the collapse of The Soviet Union.

The main attraction that the Stone Kremlin laid at the Beginning of the century, the Official version of the historian Is based on its walls, In which K.

Sredny gathered the first militia Men to liberate the capital From the Polish army. Nizhny Novgorod was and remains The largest industrial center of The famous Gorky automobile plant - GAZ organized here, which still Operates today. It should be noted that The city has developed and Continues to gain momentum in River tourism, which includes education And observation along the Volga And Oka rivers. Novy Novgorod has a huge Number of monuments: historical, cultural, Religious, military, etc. it is not Surprising that The city is called the Solution of history. Tourism develops in all types Of theaters, exhibitions, museums, which Is especially important in summer And autumn, when the weather Is warm. The climate is mild, there Are no severe frosts, and The sedimentation rate is low. The main Museum of this City it is one of The factories and buildings, it Includes many branches, has a Single center: it includes the Famous Kremlin, which is a Must-visit place for all Visitors and tourists of the city. Bolshye Ukamenki is ideal for Walking, where you can see Many architectural monuments of the Penultimate century. On Unity square, you can See the famous monuments of Minin and Pozharsky. In addition, the city has Beautiful embankments, where it is Pleasant to walk and look For new acquaintances. Like any other city of Vanga, Nizhny Novgorod for rich Night entertainment is concentrated in The city center, exactly in Those places where the Volga And Oka rivers intersect. Felicita is a good place For anyone who wants to Get into the disco scene Of the s or s, And even has an entourage Designed to resemble the old days. The Milo music hall is A place where concert performers, DJs, and comedians come. Local residents note that the Club has a wonderful cocktail bar.

Here you can sit in A cozy atmosphere, and when With friends or new acquaintances, You can also enjoy European cuisine.

Club Rasputin has an age Limit of years and invites Adult men and women to Men and women strippers, there Is also a hookah lounge And amenities. These are not all places For a night's rest: There are many similar establishments In the city, details of Which can be found on The Internet.

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