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Having a child is not An obstacle

If you are lonely for Some reason or you are Just bored, lonely and do Not have enough male attention, Warmth and tendernessI'm tired of everyday Life and everyday problems, and I just want to lean On a man's shoulder. If you are a beautiful Sexy woman who does not Cooperate, maybe you are on Maternity leave or your husband Is working or just does Not pay enough attention to You, then this offer is For you. I would like to meet A woman girl with a Local meeting, for a long-Term friendship and a normal Meeting several times a week, Age and marital status are Not very important, the main Thing is to prepare for A real meeting. Be prepared to provide financial Assistance, on the farm, in Everyday life, see this page.

He is an adult, tall, Adequate and ordinary

Agencies and prostitutes are not Interested in finding long-term relationships. Written in the afternoon, feel Free to look at it, I don't need it. You can do it with New girls, though.

I'm old enough now, So I'm looking for A relationship with a serious girl.

Manage a suitcase full of money. Thank you to everyone who Paid attention. A little bit about me: I was born and raised And now live in Krasnoyarsk, Very out of, I work As a system administrator, my Role is calm and not Short.

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