Chatroulette in the January test: still successful. TWO

To use Chatroulette, you do not need to register

After we called in Chatroulette, we immediately noticed that the story layout was outside of the usual structure with two overlapping webcam landscape Windows and a chat window on the right sideToday you can only see the window of our interlocutor's webcam, but it has significantly expanded. The text field has disappeared: This way You can only communicate with words and photos. Unlike similar services, neither your gender nor nickname is required. Not just to convey feelings: before you connect strangers, you will find facial recognition, just once, at the beginning of the session.

All you have to do is force yourself to smile

We found that this is not the whole performance, which is extremely discouraging on the site.

It's easy to start smiling, and then the camera immediately uncovered it genitally. Although yesterday's popularity is fading, the pool user remains the same: Chatroulette is still El Dorado for people looking for naked masturbating men. Canceled some vague motif text chats, and also offers one less channel than competitors like Omegle. Unable to communicate using the keyboard, you are forced to do so verbally - unfortunately, you want most other users, only the genitals show that even in the slightest mode, by the supervisor. The only check is a slightly leveraged Viso-Check and prevents minors from probably playing Chatroulette. Meanwhile, there is at least one"report"of inappropriate behavior. Which is exactly what it does. Blocks regular exhibitors from using it.

Unfortunately, we can't tell you this, because there is no FAQ page.

If you don't have the naked, faceless masturbators that you are looking for and value seriousness and safety, we can strongly recommend a singles exchange for you. Chatroulette belongs to different people around the world. However, by now most of them are men. For Chatroulette does not have any mobile apps. However, you can access URLS directly from your smartphone's browser. The correct spelling is"Setrole". You often see the spells"Chatrollet"and"Chatroulette"- but they are wrong.

This means that your friend should always switch off.

Maybe not for you, but for your face. In order for another user to recognize an adult's face, they must have a webcam. After that, you can close the camera at any time. We can help you, but we cannot guarantee that other users will stay in touch with you for a long time. Usually, connection problems occur due to problems with your Internet connection. However, if this excludes you, you can also contact Chatroulette support via email. To do this, click"Grant access to the camera and microphones". However, it is possible that we will communicate with you mainly in English.

Unfortunately, reviews about Setrule not yet.

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