Arranged marriage: what to ask the boy at the first meeting

Meeting a stranger for marriage can make anyone nervous

Every woman is looking for a man who puts butterflies in her stomach and makes her feel like she's always specialWell, if you are looking for a"dream man"through an arranged marriage, you should be very careful. The first meeting is the most important moment, because it will make you right. Therefore, it is important that you consider all relevant questions before proceeding to the next step. Here is a list of questions that You should ask a particular man if you decide to get married. Advertising is always good for a person's lifestyle and their expectations of a life partner. However, if you rush to ask such a question, the conversation may become a little awkward, so try not to rush it. Questions about the chassis that let you know about their Hobbies, interests, and dislikes. This way, you can get a better idea of his lifestyle, as well as what kind of girl he does for him. Tips for reading: a Bollywood celebrity and TV couples who have placed combined marriage notice If you are a working woman, you may not want to leave your job after you get married.

A conservative husband or family member who restricts Your work can be a recipe for impending disaster.

Many men help when it comes to their wives careers, so you better be sure that your future life partner agrees with your ambitions. But if that's not the case, then you have a lot to think about before you say Yes. If you want to have a relaxing job even after you are married, then check out these jobs with homework that You can choose, After the wedding, a wedding announcement increases a person's financial and social responsibility.

Therefore, a person in life must be well organized to understand this responsibility and accept it with ease.

You should ask him about his career goals and professional profile, because his ambitions will have a direct impact on your future. Must be read: Types of grooms you will only find in India marriage Ads can be a happy type, but can also be a disciplined, meaningless type of person. Therefore, it is best to ask him politely what he expects from his future wife, especially in relation to his family and home. It can also give an idea of whether the boy and his family are conservative or unbiased. Reading tips: bollywood Movie Wedding Celebration advertises with emotional support financial assistance, girls want to be close to their parents even after the wedding. Support and understanding are the most important qualities in finding a life partner. Make sure that the boy respects your parents and your responsibility to them after the wedding. Therefore, it is important that you discuss these things in advance. Not miss: The revelation of the modern motif that Indian men still want a virgin for their wife is always a good idea to get a clear understanding of the religious and spiritual beliefs of your future partner and their family.

So maybe you have the same expectations for your wife

If you are an atheist, then marriage in a family that is not limited to rituals and prayers may require many adjustments from you. Therefore, it is best to talk to him about his family's religious beliefs and their expectations. Once you decide that he is exactly who you need, be sure to look at these great clothing ideas for girls to impress your future fathers at the first Public meeting to adopt him; today he is no longer with us, but our job is to make a decision on our position.

Therefore, ask the boy about his work needs, because this will help you determine your preferences from the very beginning.

Even a boy who lives in a different city from his parents, but sooner or later decides to move to his parents, in many cases can make a decision. So, girls, be sure that you are ready to go to another city with your husband or not. Tips for to read: Most of the incredible benefits of relationships that only married couples can enjoy may be beautiful or financially stable, but getting a"good"future is just as important, so keep these violent emotions on a leash and proceed with caution. A little planning and a few questions will help you get through this first meeting without any problems. IMPRESSIVE NEWS. Now you can download the Dating site"Bollywood shades"and never miss a single story. The Dating site"Weddings"has its own set of uncertainties and doubts. Previously, in India, family and relatives have entered into marriages, and they should be aware of the possible match. However, in this scenario, where most games are available online and through agencies, it's not really Fast. We need to confirm your email address.

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